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From mobility to technology: Wunderlease lets you take off as a leasing provider. Offer your customers leasing via salary conversions - we take care of the contract management.

Fast and easy processes for all parties involved

Leasing provider

can offer products & services without own IT infrastructure and open up new sales channels

Leasing companies

receive an easy-to-use management interface that automates manual processes and reduces costs


offer their employees modern benefits without much effort and strengthen their employer branding sustainably


can lease mobility as well as the latest technology in a tax-optimized way via the user-friendly portal and save money in this process

What does Wunderlease offer?

Wunderlease offers all parties a straightforward leasing contract management that simplifies all processes:

From registration, through the ordering process, to contract processing: all processes are intuitive, clear and completely digital.

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  • For leasing providers

    • There is no need for your own software development: Wunderlease appears in your organization design
    • Compatible with stationary trade and online shops
    • Distribution of new products and services
    • Fast expansion to international markets
  • For leasing companies

    • fully automated onboarding and legitimation process
    • Mobility and technology in one platform
    • API-enabled contract activation and management
    • Possible remarketing solution
  • For employers

    • Sustainable employer branding
    • Minimal manual effort
    • Monthly exports via contracts and employees
    • Reminder function for inspection & service for mobility products
  • For employees

    • User-friendly leasing portal
    • Simplest leasing process on the market in context of salary conversion
    • Always the latest technology
State-of-the-art, app-enabled software
Leasing brand in own organization design
DSGVO compliant, German servers
Platform powered by 100% green electricity

100% digital

We believe strictly in paperless processes that save time and money while protecting the environment.

Secure and always up to date

Reliable maintenance, continuous security updates and guaranteed 99.9% availability.

Product and service variety

Wunderlease is suitable for various products related to mobility and electronics, such as company bikes.

Hassle free contract management

In addition to the conclusion of contracts, we also support you in damage management, remarketing and customer support.

Leasing made easy

Still have questions? Check out our Help Desk, send us a message or call us at the following number: +49 4102 7780090. We would be delighted to present Wunderlease to you personally!
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