Become a sustainable benefit provider

Offer company bike and electronic leasing in your brand. Our whitelabel software automates all administrative tasks and enables new revenue opportunities thanks to flexible subscription models.

Faster and easier processes for all stakeholders

Leasing provider

can unlock new markets and expand their product offerings without the need for IT infrastructure.

Leasing companies

experience effortless management options with our user-friendly interface that automates processes.


can now offer corporate benefits within minutes, thanks to our simple real-time credit check.


don't have to deal with emails and PDFs, but can process their request themselves using self-services.

Why Wunderlease?

Streamline your leasing contract management with Wunderlease:

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  • For leasing providers

    • Wunderlease seamlessly integrates into any organization's UI/UX
    • Unlock new revenue streams by selling digital products and services even after the leasing contract has ended
    • Expand globally at lightning speed with our multilingual interface and contract options
  • For leasing companies

    • API-enabled contract activation and management
    • Reduce support requests via our intuitive self-service options
    • Our platform automates the entire process of damage or loss management and remarketing
  • For employers

    • Experience a hassle-free onboarding process in just minutes
    • Easy-to-use self-service management options within the platform
    • Export your contracts and employee data every month with just a few clicks
    • Reminder function for inspection & service for mobility products
  • For employees

    • Stay connected on-the-go with our mobile-optimized platform
    • Experience hassle-free login with our passwordless login or via SMS
    • Enjoy the platform in their preferred language
    • Flexible ordering of products and services is possible at any time
State-of-the-art, infinitely scalable software
Secure and GDPR-compliant with our German-based servers
Protecting the planet with our platform powered by 100% renewable energy
No more sleepless nights: IT that just works

100% digital

Join us in our commitment to a paperless future that saves you time and money while protecting the environment.

Secure and always up to date

Experience peace of mind with our reliable maintenance, continuous security updates, and guaranteed 99.9% platform availability.

Product and service variety

Unlock a world of possibilities with Wunderlease - suitable for a range of mobility and electronics products and services, such as company bikes and insurance add-ons!

Growing successfully together

At Wunderlease, we're more than just a service provider - we're your partner who supports you every step of the way in bringing your ideas to life and growing your business model together!

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